Welcome to my website! These pages serve as my online profile, blog, and general experimentation place.

About me

I’m a geek. A software engineer professionally, a gamer, squash player and avid reader in my spare time.

I use open source software, running Ubuntu since April 2004 and various distributions part time before that.

I’m currently playing Destiny on the 360. It’s a hybrid FPS and MMORPG, it has it’s flaws but the base feel of the game is great. I’ve been playing it since September 2014 and have played several hours per week (and more…).

I’ve also been playing Clash of Clans quite a lot with a few friends. It’s addictive in a bad way, our weekly clan war is very enjjoyable though.

Sadly my FFVII repeat playthrough is stuck on the chocobo racing stage, just as it did twice as a teen.

I can be found elsewhere on the web: