Stupid Company Names

On the bus back from town today I noticed again the name of the marketing company that uses the bottom floor of the old Markham works building. It still annoys me. I can imagine the meeting that brought that about.

"hey we need a name for our new company"
*sound of papers shuffling, people murmuring*
some woman sticks her hand up "umm, uhh what about 'next-gen-marketing' ??
*more mumbling*
"uhm no, that's too long"
some guy sticks his hand up "uhh what about webateering"
*more mumbling*
"no no, we need something that really encapsulates what we're all about. You're just using meaningless buzzwords. We need something new and exciting! Like uhmmm 'internext'."

Two buzzwords and stuck them together to make up a word that means nothing. It is marketing friendly though! and probably looks real good on their logo!