Stupid Order Forms

Hmm ok so i decided just before xmas to change my tarrif to the 300 free texts + 300 free wap minutes a month deal that 02 do as i don’t use my 500 free minutes to any uk landline anymore. Reading on the website it said i could keep my existing number and stuff. So i thought ok cool, rang up customer support to get some muppet say, pretty decisively “no sorry, you’ll have to buy a new sim-card from the website”
So i sighed and said “yeah ok then”
He then decides to keep me on the phone for as long as possible by saying “wait i’ll just go and confirm that for you”
Anyway a minute later he returned and repeated what he said before, i accepted his apologies and hung up.

Today i finally got around to ordering a new sim card online which involves registering on the 02 site etc, only to find that their “sophisticated” address system (one of those where you just add your house number and postcode and they look up the rest of the stuff) didn’t recognise my address here in halls. So after spending 5 minutes trying to get the form to accept it the closest i could get was one for Accomodation Services or something stupid. They didn’t have any alternative adddress form either, so i’ve mailed them whining about it. I kinda doubt they’ll be able to do anything so i’ll have to get it delivered to home