License Fee?

Due to the unique way it’s funded the BBC have decided to send me a nasty letter telling me to buy a tv licence. Which i don’t have a problem with. Well i wouldn’t if i had a tv. Which i don’t. The facists saw fit to remind me that they can get a search warrant if i don’t let them in. Luckily i still have time to go out and buy a license. The only other option they give me is to write a letter to them explaining i don’t have a tv set.

How back to front is that? If i tell them i don’t have one they “may contact me to confirm”. So why waste my time writing a letter? I might write them a letter mind. Got the fragments of an idea of pulling parts of the Young Ones E01S04 to bits and putting that in, something like:

Darling Fascist Bullyboy,
I am writing to confirm that i do not need a television license. Well i don’t think i do. You see, I ate my television set a week ago. Now i’m not sure, but i suspect it isn’t now capable of receiving your signal.
May the fruit of your loin be fruitful in the belly of your woman,
Present Occupier

Or i could just ignore it. shrugs