Picked up mine + matts UK Takeover tickets today from Notts. Walked around Notts for a few hours with Tom + Tom (Y), Stace + Pip had came too but I didn’t see much of them. T’was good though, though it got cold when we were sat outside the city hall.

Some idiot with an umbrella held down infront of her practically forced me onto the busy main road in staffs. I had to do the duck and swerve maneouver to dodge it.

Oh yeah i got chucked out of the practically empty club class between wolverhampton and staffs too :(, so i had to go and stand up the rest of the way :(

Also had tea in a can that is already warm, pretty swish. It was at just the right temperature to gulp down. Accidentally picked up the sugar version though cos i was in a rush for the train, tasted alright mind.