UK Takeover - Sureshots Statement

Ok, Sureshot the guy organising UK Takeover has released this official statement

We received a phone call at on Friday night from the club owner asking for a meeting. He informed us that Chief Inspector Beeby of the Nottinghamshire Police Constabulary had been in contact with him. As is the case with many events, the Police were given “intelligence” that something was going to happen at the UK Takeover event and that the police strongly advised the club owner to cancel the event. The club owner was used to receiving this kind of information prior to an event – this time was different though. This time, the Chief Inspector paid him a personal visit. The owner of the venue is a well-respected member of the community. He’s the director of housing for Nottingham City Council. By being given this information, of course, the club owner’s hands were tied. He had no choice but to abide by the Police’s wishes. He however agreed with us that the crowd that would be coming to the event were peace loving hip-hop heads, like yourselves – the undesired element wouldn’t be coming to this event. He said that if we could explain the situation to the Police and get them to contact him, he would be happy to have the night re-instated. We spent the entire night on the telephone trying to get through to a member of the Nottinghamshire Constabulary who could help us. Every single officer that our company secretary spoke to were sympathetic to our cause and even agreed that they don’t see why there was a problem for the night to continue. Chief Inspector Beeby was not going to be back at work until Monday. Of course, this wasn’t acceptable so we were told to expect a call from someone of a similar rank. When the phone call came, we still received no answers. We spent the remainder of the day trying to salvage the situation by looking at every other conceivable option of getting the UK Takeover either reinstated or relocated to another venue. We tried to speak to a member of the constabulary who could help us. We were shut down at every turn. Something has gone off somewhere that has scared the police to warrant the Chief Inspector getting in personal contact regarding the cancellation of this event. This is such an unfortunate situation. We still don’t know what really caused the cancellation of this event because as yet, we haven’t spoken to Chief Inspector Beeby - who made the decision to "strongly advise" the club owner. Was it oversubscription? No. Tickets were allocated and sold with this in mind. Was it because someone sabotaged the event? Who knows? The Police claim that they have information that cannot be disclosed at this time – but we need to know! What has happened here? Why was the UK Takeover shut down by the authorities? Why did they leave it so late to let us know? If they had told us earlier in the week, we would have had time to inform people and arrange an alternative. We were effectively told on the day. We can understand the Police’s position – of course their job was to protect people. One of our primary concerns as event organisers was people’s safety. We have organised many events over many years. Our main problem is that we were given no time to inform all of you who travelled miles and miles to Nottingham for this event alone and all we can do is apologise for not getting through to all of you. Neither the venue nor the venue owner was not to blame for this. Many top promoters such as Detonate and the Reggae Girls have used the venue for all genres of music without any incident. The Police that came down on the night to speak to people who came were not to blame for this. They fully agreed with our view that there was going to be no incidents even before they saw the clientele. We are not to blame for this – as I’m sure whoever came to the venue and both Joe Buhdha and MistaJam outside explaining the situation and handing out free CD’s and records to those that turned up. We couldn’t have done anything else. What would you have done? Everybody from all walks of life had turned up to represent - something pretty rare these days. All the tickets that were allocated were sold. Because of the size of the event, we booked additional security and stewards to make everything ran smoothly. All the artists were confirmed and many were minutes away from the M1 when we had to call them to give them the bad news. We can’t control the Police and we can’t control the negative people who have forced the hand of the police and the club owner. Are we going to let these things happen to us as hip-hop fans? What if this sets a precedent for hip-hop events across the country? You need to voice your opinion because it seems that the media and government’s distorted picture of our hip-hop culture has influenced the Nottinghamshire Constabulary into making the decision to cancel your event. We need your help. We need you to contact the Nottinghamshire Constabulary and tell them what kind of a night it was going to be – a peaceful event. You need to tell them that you travelled to Nottingham for this event and how it made you feel to hear that it was cancelled. Your event was stopped with no explanation of what this “matter of national security” was. The telephone number is 0115 9482999. You can write to Chief Inspector Sean Beeby, Canning Circus Police Station, Derby Road, Nottingham. Everyone who has tickets, keep them because we refuse to be beaten! We are already starting to make arrangements to re-schedule the event for in a few weeks time and move it to a bigger and better venue. We have liased with the police and they have said if they can help in any way, shape or form, they will make sure they do to make sure this event runs for you. They obviously feel that a mistake was made. If you don’t want to prove to Chief Inspector Beeby that he made a mistake shutting us down by making the rescheduled UK Takeover the best British hip-hop night we’ve ever seen and would prefer a refund, take your ticket back to the shop where you bought it. To keep up to date with developments, keep checking or e-mail Thanks for your support guys - we're going to do this and show those negative people and the authorities that you can't stop us!

Hmm so yay, facist pig dogs (Y). Least i know who the guys were we talked to outside the place. Just hope mat can get the time off work again. Rumour has it it’s gonna be rescheduled for 6th March, which is cool for me cos i’ll be home that weekend anyway.