well well well

UK Takeover what a success : , mat got on the train at derby. We then got to the marcus garvey centre and the policewere outside in a van, we turned up, sat outside, then this guy comes up to us “you here for takeover?” “yeah”, “it’s been cancelled mate sorry” “what? your kidding?” “nah, man, sorry, you come far?” “stafford” “ohh sorry man” “so what’s happening?” “well we’re gonna reschedule sometime, in notts someplace else” “ok cool :/” “here have a free cd” “uhh thanks”

It was funny when we got in taxi though “alright mate, can you take us to marcus garvey centre?” “yeah, that posh place?” “uhh posh? i dunno” “nah man it’s a hole”, “ah right”, “whats goin off there then?” “uhhhhhm some hiphop event” “ah right, rough place that is”, “uhm wouldn’t know to be honest” then as we’re nearing the place “yeah, thought it was closed down actually, some guy got killed here last year i think” “uhh wow :D, great, thanks” then as we were getting out “take care boys, and good luck” how reassuring

hmmmmm so walked back to train station and missed trains back, so mat rang his ma up and she gave us a lift back, so i’m at wingfield now, gotta go back to staffs tomorrow.