The Olly + Paul Situation

There’s been a whole Olly/Paul thing the last couple of days. Olly is always overly sarcastic and “mean” i suppose for no apparently reason, especially i think, to Paul. Things seemed to kinda come to a head lately

Last night in the uni Paul went up to Olly and said alright offered to shake his hand etc, and Olly just backed away and said “ergh, don’t touch me” infront of like a fair few people. Which i suppose is kinda amusing to me now, it’s really babyish though he went to far imo. If he’d have done it then shook his hand or something it’d be funny but meh. So anyway Paul got back and Olly’d already gone to bed, so he knocked Olly up, he didn’t answer so he got back to my doorway and Olly opened his door and said “what”, so paul told him what he thought of him and Olly like “oh you knocked me up to tell me that”. He sounded quite nasty tbh. Then he said “next time you should just push a note under my door” they carried on for a while then Paul just walked into my room and closed the door.

Then he wrote his message on some paper and shoved it under Ollys door (Y), anyway a bit later there was a piece of paper shoved back under into the corridor saying “that’s better”. You’ve gotta laugh :D.

Hmm anyway today the atmosphere between them didn’t seem to hot.