Camera for Friday

Uhmm ok i didn’t write about modules yet, i will do soon cos i need to think about it… Spent this evening at Nick and Evvs up till eightish. Was sat with Meggs, Nick + Nathan (one of nicks housemates) most the night. Nathan is quite funny (y), he’s pretty quick witted and stuff i think. He was telling me about one of his scams last week actually… Selling software he wrote that netsends random people and sticking on advertising for the net send prevention software he also sold.

I’m playing indoor football with Nathan and Otis’ mates + Nick, Evv + Meggs on thursday evening….. as i haven’t played in like years i’ll probably get hammered they’re all final years too i think. Oh well.

I’m loving Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics atm, it’s like a tongue twister, i can’t say that mouthful out loud with the lyrics in front of me, must take some skill to spit it as fast as he does.