I had an early night last night, in bed for 2330, asleep for 0000 h). So i woke up at like five this morning and again at seven, both times though i’d go back to bed, i ended up getting up at like 0800 a full two hours before lessons!

Anyway toddled off for the first lesson which was a lecture about next year.. I have to sort out what modules i want and stuff for next year by this time next month and also have filed a cv etc with the placements office for year P. I’ll write up more about my module choices and stuff tomorrow probably.

Then i went down for an hours <acronym =”Introduction to Lans + Wans”>ITN</acronym> i’m dreading the skills test for that. Speaking of which that isn’t till the last week of exam week. The 2nd of June /o\ I’d rather have it closer to the beginning of the exam period tbh.

Uhm spent rest of the morning/afternoon at Nick’s house. Chip shop lunch!

Then went to Microsofts lecture on the .net framework. Which was pretty boring and irrelevant. Got a free microsoft pen, 2cds of software/documentation (looks like msdn type stuff from the title) and a free notepad. Also as a reward for filling in an evaluation form and handing it in we were supposed to recieve either a free microsoft t-shirt or a free clock. However they’d ran out by the time i got their. Didn’t fill my form in properly anyway. I HATE filling in forms, especially feedback forms. I can’t think of a rational reason why either.

Went back to Nicks after java, just hung out at his talking and i was playing darts with myself whilst singing. Then we went to asda and AGAIN they have no asda apple juice, i mean they finally get the mini cheddar debacle over THEN they decide to “have problems sourcing apple juice” for the next two weeks. I bought the superior princes organic stuff, that’s like 1.5 times more expensive than \o/ asda \o/ brand, even before the three for £2 deal. Also i got cheesy bread and a huge chunk of good cheese.

Then went back to Nicks where he cooked again and made us some Beef thingy with rice, it tasted pretty good(y). Then sat and watched alive, with Nick, Evv, Meggs and Nathan which was pretty good. Ethan Hawke looks WAY different than he did in Training Day obviously not as cool mind.

Anyway that finished and Evv dropped me + meggs off then i talked to tom and mailed Stace.