T'day T'day

Ehh got our <acronym =”Entity Relationship Model”>ERM</acronym> commentry done in <acronym =”Systems Analysis and Design”>SAD</acronym> only took like two ticks. So we’ve gave that and the rest of the stuff to Pete, just the database prototype to do now.. Dave Brunskill also said he’ll get around to seeing the demo of my C assignment tomorrow. A full week after the hand-in date.

Forgot to check my mail today cos i was at Nicks :(, anyway went for a burger at a little portable cheap thingy near his. Then went and hung out at his for a while. Played fifa spit there for a while, Nick beat me on games 2-1, he only won one cos of penalties though. I beat Meggs twice in a row i think, 4-2 and 5-0. Scored three goals in like 20mins (game time) in the second match.

Been listening to cLOUDDEAD that Meggs gave me…..i don’t actually mind it so far which is kinda surprising for the stick he gets over his music, haven’t really listened properly though..

Kinda bored now, i feel like watching <acronym =”Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”>J+SBSB</acronym> actually, after talking about it earlier. I have work to do though, and I haven’t actually got it with me actually. Hmm might do java…