HipHop Round Up

I’m trying to find White Enemy - White Enemy, the instrumental from White Stripes - Seven Nation Army with the lyrics of Public Enemy - Bring the Noise. No luck, i’ve got a sample of it but that’s all :( it sounds like it’ll be good, if i have that tune stuck in my head i may as well have it over decent lyrics. If anyone comes across it, has it or has suggestions where to get it from i’d be much obliged :)

Just read this Sage Francis interview quite interesting, he’s working on a new solo album apparently. He talks about Makeshift Patriot and the reaction he recieved, which was kinda predictable.

Hmm also listening to Blackalicious’ alliterative effort ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ the other day reminded me of Phi Life Cyphers similar effort “ABC” although longer it’s not nearly as fast, and i think they used less alliteration. Not nearly as cool.

I also noticed i own seven out of amazons top ten ukhh albums. Also the highest selling album that amazon knows i own in their chart is Jurassic Five - Power In Numbers The lowest is Word Lab 2. I’m not sure which i like most tbh, Word Lab 2 definetly has had more impact on subsequent buys of mine though. Indeed that and Roots Manuva is what got me into <acronym =”UK Hip Hop”>UKHH</acronym>

My wishlist is growing daily, gonna buy a couple of albums with my next student loan i think. Probably two of KRS-One - Return of the Boom Bap, Non Prophets - Hope (\o/Sage Francis\o/) and Cappo - Spaz the World. KRS is great and that’s supposedly his best album, it has two of my favourite songs of his on it and i’d love to hear the rest, loads of Premo production too i think. Non-Prophets is Sage Francis + Joe Beats, and i love SF. Or then Spaz the World, Cappo is supposed to be hot and i really liked him on one of his tracks i got. Hmm