Trick or Treat

I was recently linked to this racist forum thread discussing wiggers. Choice quotes include:

  • "But one thing I thought when I saw them doing their ghetto thug arm, hand and finger sighs was that they were making fun of people (or trying to imitate) people who suffer from Cerebral Palsy."
  • "Wiggers are just confused white kids in desperate need of racial pride & education. As long as they haven't racemixed, they are capable of rehabilitation IMO."
  • "One more thing about those boys wearing the FUBU shirts. Perhaps they were dressed up for Halloween? I know it's a long way from Bob the Builder or a mummy but still I can see white kids making fun of blacks on Halloween."

What a bunch of idiots. I was sat laughing at them for a while. It’s quite bewildering that people could think anything like that.