Non-Prophets - Hope

Non-Prophets is the duo of Sage Francis on the mic and Joey Beats producing. First of all the album sounds different to the other Sage Francis stuff, which is neither for better or worse, it’s just different. Kinda less left-field than Personal Journals was production wise, the reason for this when you listen to the lyrics are quickly evidant. The whole album is all about why the current state of hiphop is wack and talks about to a return of the days of Public Enemy and Krs-One. Indeed it samples Public Enemy several times throughout. There’s a few disses in there too - including Nelly and commercial music in general. Dunno what more i can say really… There isn’t a track i skip on the album - highlights of the album though are Damage, New Word Order and Mainstream 307 probably. I’ll probably change my mind next time.

My reviewing skills are as good as ever i see.