Haha, i’ve been reading this website that’s designed for people to anonymously confess stuff, quite amusingly i found this:

Almost every day I read my Ebay feedback just to see all the nice things people have written about me. It makes me feel better about myself. I am such a loser.

So i hit up the random comments page a few….a few dozen times, found a few highlights

Sometimes when I masterbate I just jizz on the floor and rub it in with my shoe and you cant tell anything happened sinces its white carpet anyway.
i hated my old roommate. since i felt uncomfortable approaching her about it, i would pick my ears until they bled or pick my nose for boogers and then smear them on her pillow and on her bed sheets.
One day in the summertime a few years back some friends and I, including girls we hangin out and I had some really short shorts on and as we were talking everybody got real quiet. I looked down and I had this HUGE boner coming out of my shorts and half of it was sticking out. I got up and walked into the other room and nobody ever said a word about it but I was totally embarrased. I never wore those shorts again.
in new york on vacation I was in my grandparent's cottege and I took a massive dump so big that we couldnt unplug it or use the snake, and eventually we had to buy a whole new toilet. my mom took the blame and I feel so bad.
i feel really guilty about masturbating to internet porn and then letting my best friend touch the mouse right after.
Oh, when I was a kid I wanted to have sex with my mom. I'm an 18 year old female.
At least 4 times a week I have a reoccuring dream of half rabbit half squirrel things. They are really big. But, every time I wake up after the dreams, they always turn out to be wet dreams.
when i was 8 i made my mother cry by telling her my 5 year old sister had died. she was in hysterics all day. i went into the bathroom and laughed for an hour.
I pick other mens pubic hairs off the urinals in public toilets and take them home to add to my collection. I almost have enough to stuff a cushion.
Sometimes at night when my boyfriend and I are sleeping I get up and fart right in his nose with my bare ass....It's an amazing thrill. It's even better when it's so putrid he wakes up and I blame it on the dog.

Haha, i’ve been reading this site hours now….and i was gonna say those people have problems.