Phillip 'Shredder' Banks

I found out today that Phillip Banks from the Fresh Prince also was the voice of Shredder in the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles cartoon. Haha, i can definetly recognise that now.

Oh yeah… found the official dedbeat pictures better quality than mine and others fuzzy crap by far..Hell of a lot more too. They managed to get me just about to run and jump off of the dune as well as Charlie Dimmock and someone outoing my cone. haha jokes.

Also Dobbsy wants us all to go to leeds festival, not too fond of the lineup but it’d be great anyway. Only people I really wanna see is Jurassic Five and maybe The Roots if I ever get round to listening to their album. But it’d be cool if it happened anyway……also we’re probably gonna go to his for a bbq and then to Phonetics sometime.

Also apparently there’s only 62 people with my surname in the UK as of 2001. None of them called Dean. Dopeness h)