Hi, Have You Got a Membership Card?

Hmm first day back at t’co-op today. Got reprimanded for chewing within a minute of me starting work. My training consisted of being asked if I could remember how to do stuff then doing a mock cheque and mock EFT. Then I was put on a till whilst being watched by Sue Hamilton. Which was stupidly easy, sadly enough I even remembered practically all the four digit codes for vegetables/bakery stuff. Felt like normal being back, nothings changed really. Except for asking people if they had “membership cards” when practically no-one has, that got annoying.

I think my first words to Kraig was “you skiving again” or something :D. Anyway as I was going I saw him and Mark stood chatting, so I commented, they said they’d been waiting a year for me to return so they could see how skivings really done. Or something similar.

Saw some kid come in with her mum and her daughter. The girl has no control over her kid who was about three at all. She had to keep saying “mum tell her off”, for stuff. Teenage mums (N). Poor baby. Poor girl.

Also saw the guy who looks like taz but on some kind of sedately pills. Didn’t get to serve him as I finished just then though.