Fun Times Fun Times.

Was woke today by a text from Meggs asking about uni results, in a panic I replied and asked if I was supposed to be in Stafford or something, he replied and said he got his in the post. So I ran downstairs, grabbed the contents of the letterbox and got back in bed. Anyway my results work out as a 2:1, which is pretty good I guess, weirdly enough my best result was networking, which I thought I’d struggle to pass. My worst was C, which didn’t suprise me really, I passed it, but barely.

Then I went to work, was on the spirits/tobacco counter all day, first with Laura then with Gemma. Weirdly enough I find myself feeling indifferent to work these days, didn’t even get bored today. Spent most my time skiving and winding Sara up (y). Uhm, anyway, got back from that and hung around downstairs for a while. Then Micky and I came up to my room, I sat texting while he played on the iPAQ, then Sara + Sharon rang him up and I got mentioned a few times, asked what time I’m in work and something about they’ll ask me when I’m at work. Probably about her birthday. Hmm, no-one on MSN tonight so I spent my time reading about the guy who dug a massive hole in his back garden. Anyway think I’m gonna go watch Malcom now.