I Love That Machine

Uhm so much to write about, obviously I went to good ol’ Wells with Tom, Pip and Stace, but before that… Sue tried to get me to work Tuesday night, and wouldn’t take “I don’t think I’ll even be in the same county” as an answer the first time *-) Also I got early birthday cards and some Gucci Rush aftershave from Sara. Anyway Saturday came and I went to work then came back and sat around being excited waiting for the time to come for Troy to arrive and carry us away.

Anyway after a fun drive down while singing to Lost Prophets and Dizzee and being diverted we arrived in Wells, it was really busy. Anyway Toms parents and his Auntie and Uncle were already there. That night we didn’t do much, just stayed inside the caravan. On Sunday, Tom and I went walking around Wells town centre and was tempted to buy BB guns, but didn’t. Wells is nice, but small, and really busy, although that was due to “harbour day”, we couldn’t park anywhere anyway so had to drive back to the caravan then walk down along the harbour, which was quite nice.

That afternoon we all went on the canoes, which was really cool. Tom and I was just speeding all over, up and down and round this creek. Also it was funny watching Pip and Stace try to go in a straight line. After like 35 minutes it started raining, and practically everyone else cleared off of the water. After 45 minutes it was absolutely chucking it down, so Tom and I decided to get out after unfruitful attempts at hiding under some bushes at the side of the creek. We rushed off to the caravan while the girls were still out on the lake. They got back to the caravan about fifteen minutes after us.

After tea (chinese!), we went out to take part in the Wells nightlife, only most the pubs were full, except The Globe, which was quiet and empty, so we went to Popinn Leisure instead…I won £27.80 that night, and put £6.80 in h). Also I played a fair few games, including one with a chair that moved, where you control a gun turret or something, it was fairly cool anyway. On the way up we caught the mini-train to the caravan.

On Monday we went for a game of crazy golf, and I managed to score like 74 or something on a 12 hole course :D, that night we went to “Hero’s”, a pub in the next town along. Bizzarely enough it was full of teapots. Anyway I had scampi and chips which was quite nice. We went straight to Popinn after and played the machines for a while, then to the other arcade, I lost like a fiver on gambling machines (n). Played some fun games though, and Tom got obsessed with a pink panther rip off called Pink Pussy, featuring dialogue from Dusk till Dawn :d. Then we drove into the countryside, we saw some unmarked turning in the road so went down it a tiny way, then we saw some car pulled up, so got scared, spun straight round and drove off. A short way down the road, we saw what we thought was another, though it turned out to be a creepy black painted dome building in the middle of nowhere. So we drove off again.

The next day we laid and downloaded theme tunes on Toms laptop via WAP. Then me and Tom went to go on the trampolines, we had at least fifteen minutes on, instead of the supposed ten minutes. Within a minute of being on I managed to fall between the springs on it and cut my toe open, but I jumped up and carried on bouncing, it was really fun, although I felt sick when I got off. Once I got off I realised if I jumped up and down I’d get a weird sensation like I was still on the trampoline, so Tom and I bounced back to the caravan giggling. Trampolining was great, though covered me in grazes and stuff.

That afternoon we went for food into town, playing the Chipmunks theme tune, and Knightrider, at full volume :d. A while later we drove back into town, picked the girls up and went to visit last nights locations, and took some photos. Tom and I went inside, only there wasn’t exactly much, well anything there. The turn in the road turned out to be an old RAF runway, it was really really really long, and straight, it was pretty cool. We ended up driving down it as far as we could go with the Knightrider theme blasting out anyway h)

While the tea was cooking, Tom, Mr Wood and I went to play on the pitch and putt, after my woeful performance on the crazy golf I wasn’t expecting much, but managed to beat Tom by seven strokes or something, and was only behind Mr Wood by a similar amount. Golf is one sport which really suits me I think. Pitch and Putt was cool anyway.

Later that night we drove home and Sara was already at my house waiting, we went to bed after like a hour, then had to be up at seven in the morning……The last two days Sara’s stepdad has dropped me off at work cos I’ve stopped at hers.