Love This Life, Jesus Christ!

Woooooooo, well this is actually the longest gone since updating, like, ever. Been at uni, and without the net (n). So uhm, can’t remember a lot of stuff, basically, went shopping last Thursday to Derby with Sara, bought a Kool + the Gang best of type deal, dizzee rascal - showtime and three dvds - Orange County, Delicatessen and Changing Lanes. Uhhm, think that’s about all I got. Watched Orange County Thursday night, and it was alright, that was Sara’s choice actually.

Friday we went shopping in Chesterfield, I only bought the Spaced DVD, Sara bought a load of clothes, had a ‘horse too(y). They have three new meals, Chicken Madras, Beef and Oyster Sauce and Steak and Eggs. So I tried the madras, it was pretty good(y) Saw Jay and Shell on the way home, which was cool, so had a good chat on the bus (y)

Saturday I met Tom in town, had a horse, both went for Toms usual, which was at it’s usual high standard (y). Then went into town and we both got Butterfly Effect on DVD (y) Took a good race against time in Troy as we searched for cheap diesal before Tom had to be home to pick Pip up.

Sunday I spent pretty much all day getting ready for the return to Stafford, it was a pretty sad day really :/

Monday, I came down, we managed to fit everything in the car with ease, proving me right once more (h), my mum drove down and Sara accomponied us, after an hour or so they had to leave though :(, Sara had work at four. So there I was, all alone on Common Road. I carried on sorting stuff out then I heard Nick and Meggs outside, so I ran out to meet them, anyway we got everything sorted then spent the night playing Chu Chu Rocket and Sonic etc on Meggs’ Dreamcast.

Tuesday came and I woke up a bit disorientated, sleeping alone and in a new room. Tuesday morning the NTL engineer came out and installed our broadband, then we went to meet Evv in Birmingham. After meeting up with Evv, we went to Makro, this big wholesalers place, we spent about 400 pound between us, - I spent 80.88, got a sack of potatos, some random food, 24 cans of redbull, 30 cans of lager, 16 smirnoff blacks, 30 packs of mini cheddars and a shopsize pack of Starburst (y)

Then we went to Wing Yips, a chinese wholesalers, bought 20Kg of rice, 2Kg of noodles, 10Kg of chicken etc etc, came to about another 170 quid between us (y). So uhm, the last couple of days we’ve had chinese :D

Anyway we got back and the internet wasn’t working, so rang up and they’ve told us that there’s an error and it’ll be fixed in the next couple of days.

Went into uni on wednesday, saw the new layout of the bar, it looks really good, kinda too posh for a bunch of students, one thing that they’ve messed up is the number of seats, the place was packed before, but now there’s even less seats. We’ll see I suppose. Oh yeah, also i’ve got my new timetable, gotta walk into uni once a week (n) first thing Monday (n), I’ve got three nine starts too (N).

Hmm anyway moving on moving on, spent the last couple of days ringing to get the internet working, which only worked about two hours ago, drinking, watching movies, spending hours on the phone to Sara and playing on the PS2. Went for a nice stroll to Asda thursday night at about half twelve or something too, had a weird conversation with a drunk welshman on the way.

I’ll probably be back to updating regularly now as well