Hmm, not done much this weekend, think it’s probably been my worse in terms of missing Sara too. Went into lessons on friday, Aaron didn’t turn up to our tutorial but emailed us to say why, and then I went to sort out our meeting for DWDS and get to know the guys a bit better, the guys both seem alright (y). Uhm, walked home the long way to call in asda and saw Rich for the first time this year, couldn’t talk though cos he was on his way to work (n). Got home and Evv had gone home - leaving only Meggs and I for the weekend.

Sat in and watched Cicade el Deus on Friday night with Meggs. I thought the film was very good, briefly reminded me of Amelie when the main character introduced his self. I wanna own it on dvd even more now i’ve saw it, think I’ll hang on till it’s slightly cheaper though. After we’d finished we went for a walk to asda, got a load of puddings and some other things (y)

I attempted to make custard and it came out in a complete disaster :d, so we threw it away and Meggs tried and pulled it off.

Saturday I made chicken tortillas for tea, first time I’d had them in ages, thoroughly enjoyed them (y), gonna have to make them again soon. Then we had another one of our puddings and an even better custard by Meggs (y)

Not really done much the last two days - installed Mandrake Linux 10 but not configured it yet, read a load of the Che Guevera book, I’m really really enjoying it, like I’ve not enjoyed a book since Catch-22. The other thing I’ve been reading is a Python book, it’s kind of way different to most languages I’ve experienced in that you don’t use curly braces or semicolons, but it seems easy enough to pick up. So i’m gonna try writing something in that this week (y) as well as setting up mandrake with a telnet server and postgresql so we can do DWDS tutorial work at home, plus all my uni work and some time for a little fun as well.