Windows Update

This morning I thought I’d run windows update as I was aware I’d missed a few of the non-security related updates on there the last time I ran it. Ten minutes later the updates I requested were downloaded, installed and just one reboot away from being fully functional. However in the mean time I’d started some large Bit Torrent downloads, so I was in no rush to reboot. A few minutes later I get a reminder pop up to remind me to reboot to complete installation of update. I press ‘I’ll reboot later’, thinking that the updates were nothing pressing. Only thirty minutes later I get the same pop up, then again thirty minutes after that, and so on, every thirty minutes since like twelve I get the same pop up, there’s no way to disable it that I can see - if you end process it just respawns its self. It’s terribly annoying, you’d think after like 24 reminders it’d have got the idea by now. Leaving an icon in systray is fair enough, but a pop up every 30 minutes? Kind of over the top.