It's Over.

I started the mobile computing program that my housemates had to do for uni on Monday, just for fun, quite enjoyed it, I’m doing a similar module next semester, so I’m really looking forward to that now. Spent Tuesday and Wednesday doing PPSP and hanging around waiting to do PPSP, meant I had to miss football but that was my last assignment and that’s all handed in now…

Demonstrated my database today, went alright I think, don’t know my mark until he’s looked at my report though, hopefully that’ll be before christmas but I’m not relying on it.. Then I came home and went out for a curry, went to a place we’ve never been to before on Foregate Road. It wasn’t too good I thought, we were waiting about thirty minutes for it, the rice didn’t taste right and the peshwari naan had almonds on it (n) Anyway, after eating it I rang Sara for an hour or so, which was good, really looking forward to seeing her again:)

Just got one lecture tomorrow, then I’m going to head off into town doing some christmas shopping. Not sure what I’m buying everyone yet but I’ll see what I see tomorrow. Tom, Mel and Rob are coming down Saturday, so this weekend should be a laugh hopefully.