I turned up at home this weekend and surprised my parents, it was quite nice to see their faces in the shapes of Os. Then I went up and surprised Julie and Sara as well. It was quite fun.

What wasn’t so fun is the state of the train service. It took me five hours to make the journey home via train. The same journey takes roughly 75 minutes at the most by car. My connecting train was delayed by twenty minutes so I missed the other train, then the next one of those didn’t turn up. So I was stuck waiting another hour. Usually the same journey takes perhaps two to two and a half hours by train. Oh well, I suppose it gave me time to make a start on the Web Applications project and to start reading Bill Bryson - A Short History of Nearly Everything.

Didn’t really do that much this weekend, I did go for a three course meal with Sara, soothe Hannibal in her new cage and arrange to go to a Sage Francis Gig with Tom. Apart from that just spent some quality time with Sara and my family.