The Da-Vinci Code

The Da-Vinci Code is the last of the books I acquired from London. The story is one that mixes a crime thriller with lots of twists and excitement with the revealing of secretive religous sects and ceremonies and manages to provide an explanation for Mona Lisa’s smile along the way.

The storyline is based on the Christian Legend of the Holy Grail, which has been hidden over the ages by a secret society. When cryptologist Nevue’s grandfather is murdered he leaves a grisly clue on his death. It is up to Neveu and Symbologist Langdon to solve her grandfathers clues and riddles, before they’re arrested for Nevue’s grandfathers death, or the shadowy Catholic sect Opus Dei obtain the grail first.

Dan Brown has created a book that I simply couldn’t put down - I sat and read it from cover to cover in one three hour sitting without batting an eyelid. I think I’m right in saying that this is the biggest selling book so far this century, it has also spawned a lot of books debunking some of Browns statements in the book. A movie is also planned to be made.