General Election

Tony Blair has announced that the next general election is to be held on the 5th day of the 5th month of the 2005th year (aka thursday the 5th of may). So we’ve got a month of political posturing, petty name calling and kissing babies to look forward too.

The BBC have a policy comparison tool which allows you to see at a glance what each of the parties thoughts are on whichever issues you find most important. They’re also running a blog (RSS) on the election, which looks to me to be a useful application of blog technology by a media giant, for a change, mainly because of how they’re using it - small, frequent updates on one issue to update the main stories and headlines.

I am currently mulling over voting either for the Green party, the Liberal Democrats or spoiling my ballot. It’s likely to be a non-issue because the greens don’t usually run in my constituency, but as an hypothetical choice I favour the Greens. Spoiling the ballot is counted as a result, unlike simply staying away, it’s technically possible for a spoilt ballot to win a majority.

I favour the greens as they wish to; stop PFI (the taking over of government services and properties by private companies), welcome immigrants and asylum seekers coming from oppressive regimes, reinstate British Rail and focusing the justice system on rehabilitating people rather than locking them up and throwing away the key.

The main negative thing I can find is that they oppose GM crops - which may help to solve the world hunger problem in a way acceptable to both western governments and the third world. Just like drugs for AIDS etc though, probably not.

This all makes me sound a bit of an anti-business communist or something but I want to make money in this world as much as anyone. I just believe that some things should be owned and ran for the people and feel that the PFI project has been an experiment gone wrong - it’s failed to be more efficient than the public sector in many cases.