The last of a series

Star Wars: Rise of the Sith

Just got back from watching Star Wars 3: Rise of the Sith, and uhm yay and nay. The film itself was great, the lightsabre fights, Yoda, space battles, the effects etc etc. It pretty much all ties in nicely, wrapping up a few bugs in the story. The plot is essentially spot-on. There seems to be lots of references too, I think I saw the millenium falcon at one point and Chewie makes a cameo. Makes the other episodes all tie in a little more at any rate. The lightsabre battles are pretty much the best yet, they really manage to show the anger and power of Anakin. There's plenty of them too, with many different combatants. There's one thing that Lucas can direct and that's the lightsabre battles. The film really is the best of the prequels, it pretty much eclipses them. I feel I can't really measure it against the original trilogy though, to do that just feels wrong. However, the same problems plague Sith as they did Menace and Clones. Again the dialogue is kinda weak in places, and a lot of the acting, Hayden Christensen feels ok taking money from this? Still it's improved from the other prequels. Oh yeah, Jar Jar is only in for one brief moment and doesn't speak.