Desford Tropical Birds

I went to Desford Tropical Bird Gardens in Desford, Leicstershire, on Wednesday. It’s a place which rescues tropical birds and provides them with food, human attention and the ability to fly freely with other birds.

There were plenty of birds in aviaries, inclding a wonderful colony of African Greys, most of which would let you tickle their bellies and talk to you, we spent ages stood talking and playing with the Greys before moving on, we also saw Snowy Owls, Kookaburras (which didn’t call, much to my dissapointment) and lots of different Parrots and Parrakeets.

The main attraction though, was the free flying tropical birds, which are allowed to fly around as they please, these ranged from Nanday Conures, to Hyacinth Macaws. We spent a great deal of time playing with the birds, and they loved the attention they recieved. Unfortunatly we forgot to bring a camera, so we had to make do with the poor efforts of Saras camera phone:
Dad and a bird Sara, Mum and Birds Dad and lots of birds

The place was far from busy, I think we saw about another twelve people the whole time we were there, quite a shame for the people who run the place, but it makes it nice to visit.

Entrance only cost £4 with my student card (£5 per adult usually). Food was inexpensive too, most food weighing in at £3ish, the portions are generous too.

Young kids will probably love the place, as will most other people, it was a great day out.