London Shootings

Watching channel 4 news earlier, I was slightly gobsmacked to hear about the details and photographs that they have had leaked from the enquiry into this.

They reveal several things that was thought differently of, due to previous eyewitness and police reports.

  1. He was not wearing a "bulky overcoat", instead favouring a light denim jacket.
  2. He did not run into the station and vault over the ticket barriers. Instead he walked in, used his Oyster card, and even had time to pick up a newspaper
  3. He only started to run when the train pulled into the station - like thousands of other people do on a regular basis.
  4. Apparently no witness has been able to confirm that the police gave any warnings. I'm sure I heard different on the day though...)

The police did let him board a bus too and enter the station, despite specific instructions not too.

Also the CCTV cameras in Stockwell Station apparently weren’t working, despite the fact that there’d been bombings eight days before, and also the day before the shooting.

All in all, it seems quite damning for both the Police and the Transport Police. Though I’ll wait till the final report is released before making my mind up too strongly about their ineptness.

P.S. Interestingly enough the beeb haven’t picked up on this yet.