Moral Decency

Labours latest fundraising event was an auction, one of the items being a signed copy of the Hutton report into David Kelly’s death. I think it represents labours attitude towards the Hutton report and David Kelly; glee and self-satisfaction for their own self interest rather than respect and compassion for Dr Kelly. I can’t understand how a high ranking, presumably intelligent barrister could begin to think that this was a good idea.

Stewart Jackson has tabled an Early Day Motion over it. Over twice as many MPs have this week signed a motion to congratulate Hereford United on promotion rather than this. <blockquote cite=""><p>That this House notes that senior members of the Labour Party including hon. Members and Government Ministers attended a party fundraising event last week at the Arts Club in Mayfair; further notes that a copy of the official report by Lord Hutton into the death of Government scientist Dr David Kelly, signed by Ms Cherie Booth QC, was auctioned for party funds raising £400; believes this conduct to be in appalling bad taste, arrogant and crassly insensitive in seeking to make money, albeit indirectly, through hawking, as a novelty item, an official Government report into the death of a public servant; regrets the distress caused to the family and friends of the late Dr Kelly.</p></blockquote> – Stewart Jackson MP

I bet these people sleep like babies too.

(via Iain Dale)