Hello there!

I’m Dean Sas. I am a father, husband, software engineer, cyclist, reader and a geek.

I live in Chesterfield, UK. London is two hours away, Sheffield is fifteen minutes and the Peak District National Park closer than both.

I am passionate about the web, cycling and reading. Software is eating the world and our attention, and it’s mostly delivered via the web. Cycling improves physical and mental health, encourages nicer urban design and fights climate change. Reading is an effective way of learning, improving vocabulary and reducing stress.

I work for Automattic on WordPress.com, where we’re on a mission to democratise publishing and commerce. We’re hiring.

You can get in touch with me by emailing me: dean@deansas.org or via social media (above).

Recent(ish) writing

Second post on WordPress developer blog

A couple of weeks ago I had my second post published on the new beta WordPress Developer Blog! The post is about how to split and merge blocks. The useful purpose of this is to do something like inserting another list item when editing a list and hitting enter, or backspacing a list item into…

Xmas projects

Amidst the festivities, games and socialising that the christmas season brings, I had four projects lined up to take care of during the christmas break. I’ve completed two, with a third nearly done and some progress made on the fourth. The first project was the one I completed last. I’ve set up the vesa mount…

Reading 2022

I’m inspired this year by one of my colleagues to do a little more than just a list of their books and a brief thought. I read 23,154 pages across fifty books from twenty-nine authors. 13 of the books were rereads of books I’ve read in previous years. I really enjoyed reading the Kingkiller Chronicles…