Yesterday I downloaded, Desklook – an Outlook plug-in which basically displays the Outlook Today screen over the top of your wallpaper, mainly as a sidebar down the left hand side of your screen. The sidebar is fully interactive – you can click on tasks, and mail etc and it’ll open up Outlook at that item. It’s pretty good, and saves me keeping Outlook running all the time.

One flaw is that for Desklook to know I have unread mail I have to have ran Outlook first. It’d be better if the Outlook could run as a service, or there was a service to notify things like Desklook that there is new mail, then Desklook could update it’s display, the user then clicks on “unread mail” in Desklook which then launches the Outlook inbox section. I presume that’s more of a limitation of Outlook than of Desklook though.

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