PubSub have published Structured Blogging a website about a new way of marking up reviews of things in a similar-ish way that RSS marks up news. It also displays reviews in a different way to normal posts.

Structured Blogging will hopefully allow all sorts of network effects across the “blogosphere”. I can imagine a Technorati like site, spidering blogs and collating reviews together.

reference implementation has been created for wordpress. This provides two new kinds of “write post” page; one for writing reviews which contains things like your rating of the item, the items front cover and support for multiple item types. The other new page is for writing about events, this allows you to set your role at the event, the place where the event happened, the date it took place and the duration.

Technical information is available for creating your own implementation of the idea.

I’ve intend to use Structured blogging in future, I’ve made my first review using it today

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