Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Wow. This is a Star Wars RPG that like a good book, I couldn’t put down. The game is essentially an adapted set of dungeon and dragons rules set in the Star Wars universe. However all the geeky dungeons and dragons dice roles etc has been hid away….and replaced by geeky Star Wars stuff, which is more appealable.

Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) has a great storyline set 4000 years before the films- it actually feels like it could actually be a Star Wars film, there’s plot twists ahoy and the chance to shape the story and your destiny nearly everytime you speak to someone. The graphics are really nice too, though I couldn’t get the best out of them on my Geforce 4 MX and being Star Wars it has lots of lovely noises with lightsabres crackling and starships blasting.

Beneath all that is the gameplay though, and KOTOR is easy to get to grips with (though the difficulty in some places was very high), involving and most importantly very fun. There’s no shortage of things to do either, as well as the main quest you have a few sub games and a variety of sub quests which tend to fill out your partys characters.. I’ve just completed it in roughly 38 hours and at that I know there’s plenty of subquests that went unfulfilled…

I think anyone could play this game, whether they’re an RPG fan or not (all the experience points and RPG type stuff can be taken care of automatically if you so desire) but it’ll (obviously) appeal to Star Wars fans the most..

I already have got the sequel to start playing….must try and wait till after exams though!

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