I have just wrote to my MP Natascha Engel protesting the idea of National Identity Cards via Write to them. I have done this after signing and being encouraged by a pledgebank proposal to boycott ID cards. I’ve explained why I don’t like the bill and asked her views, lets just hope she replies.

I have read about the national identity cards on No2ID as well as in various other places and I cannot see how they are justified, both from a civil liberties point of view and an expense point of view.

The current Home Office forecast is £5.5billion, but independant experts (LSE report) forecast £18billion, the governments (well, their contractors) inability to forecast costs for computer projects is well known, look at the CSA fiasco for example.

I hope that people reading this will be influenced read more about this matter, to campaign against ID cards and most importantly to write to their MPs about the matter.

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