Here’s a quick run down of things that have happened in my world during 2005, it’s nice to look back and think. To summarise: Passed my driving test, fell back in love with linux, finished uni for a year, moved back home, got a car, started my work placement, went on holiday, got a laptop.

  • January
    • Took semester one exams at uni.
    • Passed my driving test.
    • Installed Ubuntu Warty
  • February
    • Installed Ubuntu Hoary and back again
  • March
  • April
  • May
    • Took semester two exams at uni.
    • Moved back into home.
    • Watched and loved the last star wars film.
    • Bought my first car
    • Started a web hosting company with Nick
  • June
    • Sara turned 18
    • Sara and myself’s first anniversary
    • Switched teams at work to work as a Unix Sys admin.
    • Had my first week off of work, spent my time spending the pay packet I’d just got.
    • Became old.
    • Basically nothing, except not blogging much.
    • Holidayed in Turkey and met the other side of Sara’s family.
    • Switched to the Oracle Support team at work.
    • Went to see Mark Thomas and Rob Newman
    • Finished redesigning the Lost Generations website as our first client for Weberrific
    • Got a laptop for christmas.
    • Spent New Years Eve at Nicks party.

Now on with the next year.

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