For the last fortnight or so I’ve been looking for a way to implement David Allens Getting Things Done time management methodologies. I’ve tried using it on my Pocket PC but it’s native todo system didn’t leave me satisfied with it, so I drifted away from the system.

I was looking for something electronic which I could access from anywhere, so after browsing around different systems and how other people had done this. I decided to use Tracks to do it. It’s not perfect as it’s not available offline, but I can download the RSS feeds and can work with that offline, and print pages out otherwise.

Tracks has a few bugs in the latest released version, but I’ve downloaded the trunk version and it’s much improved, it has a lot of bugs fixed and some new features to ensure only your next actions are listed in your todo list.

There are a couple of things I’d like to see added in the short term – some kind of support for “someday/maybe” items and support for “people agendas”, longer term some 43 folders functionality would be nice.

It’s open source and written in Ruby on Rails, so hopefully it’ll give me more incentive to learn Ruby, so I can add this functionality.

Now if only I can find some calendar solution, I need to be able to publish it (and preferably edit it) online, and also be able to edit it with something that accesses evolution-data-server…

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