Here’s a quick summary of what has happened to me during 2006. It seems as time passes I blog less and less, the adage of ‘the more interesting your life gets, the less time you have to blog about it’ probably proving true. It means it’s hard to remember things you’ve done too.




  • I don’t really remember anything happening in March.





  • Sara and I hit our two year anniversary.
  • Spent time playing around with Ruby on Rails


  • I turned 21 and stopped my twice weekly swimming due to all of the kids in the pool.




  • Uni work taking up all of my time again, Sara came to live the student lifestyle for a weekend too.


  • Finally got an iPod after uhming and ahming for a few years. Thanks Sara!
  • Spent New Years Eve at Saras aunties with her family and called around to my cousins.

I also managed to keep last years new years resolutions somewhat. I’ve lost weight and have done more exercise than in the past, until going back to uni I was also getting a full 7 hours sleep each night. I’ve also increased my open source participation, I’m involved in both the Ubuntu Bugsquad and the Ubuntu UK “street team”. Hopefully next week I’ll be a Ubuntu member too.

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