I should really write in this thing more, spending time on my final year project, and free software things takes up most of my time though.

Recently I’ve been toying with a Gnome applet for the Twitter API – that notifies you when your friends twitter. I’m struggling to get it to work with the gnome-panel, it looks easy, I must be missing something though. I’m going to leave it now until May.

Earlier today I submitted a (pretty trivial) patch to the gimmie project that makes it look up the default web browser instead of hard coding Firefox as the “favourite application”.

I’ve also submitted fixes for a few small packaging bugs in Ubuntu – I think I understand the .deb package format and process now, once I get time I’d like to spend some time packaging some applications from scratch, just to make sure it’s clear.

I also did a little bit of hacking and code reviews on the bughelper project back in January, but haven’t had time to keep up with its rapidly changing code base.

Aside from that I’ve been doing my usual Ubuntu bug triage work, and also hanging out with the Ubuntu UK LoCo team

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