Earlier this month, Hugo Francis Sas was unexpectedly born a few weeks early. Sara-Kate and our little child are both healthy and strong.

Parenthood didn’t get off to the best start, as I said, he arrived four weeks early which resulted in him staying at the hospital for a week until he was strong enough to exclusively breastfeed full time (prior to that some feeds were being given via milk tube). He was so sleepy those first few days, he rarely opened his eyes, as he got stronger and stronger he spent more and more time with his eyes open. It was such a joy that first day when he kept his eyes open for tens of minutes at a time, those shining eyes, full of intelligence staring at us.

Since we’ve got home (touches wood), the sleep deprivation every parent had told me about (with more than a hint of schadenfreude) has not been too bad. He does seem to still be mostly nocturnal but he tends to settle down at about 3am and sleep until 7am. My wonderful wife has been taking care of him most of the time through the night, I’ll have my taste of that this weekend as we’re going to try feeding him expressed breast milk via a bottle…

I was at the cinema with Tom when I got the phone call to say it was time to go over to the hospital, now I’m just left wondering when I’m going to get to see Avengers: Assemble again…

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