What would you have liked to do more of?

Move on to implementing a couple of bug fixes I planned.

What did you learn?

I knew of Wardley maps but my knowledge came from looking at some in some blog posts. Reading the book has shown me not only the maps but the other ideas around them, plenty to think about there – I suspect i’ll be referring back to the book repeatedly. I’m really looking forward to trying the concept out, I think it’ll let me make better decisions and allow me to communicate my thoughts in a more coherent structure.

What did you enjoy?

Investigating a bug related to certain kinds of file uploads on certain pages throwing errors. A couple of other people had struggled to reproduce so I knew it would be a challenge but I was able to quickly reproduce the bug, find the problematic code and plan how to refactor and fix it. I enjoy the dopamine from solving a bug.

Not work related but Hugo received a Microbit for his birthday, so I really enjoyed playing around with that together. We created a simple “meteorite” game. Pleased he noted it down in his daily “things to be grateful for” list.

What did you achieve

  • Maintained my review inbox at zero
  • Gave my thoughts on the drafts of two project proposals
  • Submitted a chunk of evidence for my leadership course that I got really good feedback on
  • Ran some training on our architecture and the new starter project.

What are you looking forward to next week

  • Show n tell for feature flags
  • Further working on the two project proposals

Interesting Stuff read/consumed:

  • Holding effective one-to-one meetings – asking for feedback is something i can find difficult, though I do really do appreciate getting it.
  • GitHub analysis of developer productivity. It inspired me to do a similar look at our stats – it seems the working day has moved earlier – more commits pre 9am and the midday lull has moved from 1300-1400 to 1200-1300 instead.
  • Finished reading John Scalzi’s The Last Emporox from the Interdependency series. It’s well writen space opera.
  • As above, started and finished Simon Wardley’s strategy book
  • Started reading Camille Fournier’s The Managers Path but haven’t made serious headway yet.

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