Strats was a quick project I’d built upon the Strava API. I used Strats after nearly every single bike ride as a way of gauging my progress and seeing who else had tried some of the same hills and how they’d got on with them.

Strats was essentially a way of displaying the friend leaderboard for all of the segments on one of your activities on one web page. It was made because a bit of friendly competition is a motivating factor for me – even if I’m not winning it’s nice to see me drawing closer to people. To do the same thing on the Strava app/site require scanning the list, clicking on segments that you hadn’t been on before or that you had got a PR on, clicking on the followers link and then pressing back. It’s a bit inefficient.

Strava have now changed their business model to one that is hopefully more sustainable. Strava have removed the key API end point as part of those changes.

How it works

Strats was originally a silex app but this had been changed to Symfony5 after Silex was EOLed.

Strats used strava’s oauth authentication to firstly login and secondly to access a users data via the API. A list of recent activities was then createdusing the API, selecting an activity used the leaderboards API to get a league table for yourself and your followees, inserting the effort for the currently selected activity.

I feel it’s a bit of a shame, and Strats is something I miss using after every decent ride but I understand that some tough choices were needed.

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