Amidst the festivities, games and socialising that the christmas season brings, I had four projects lined up to take care of during the christmas break. I’ve completed two, with a third nearly done and some progress made on the fourth.

The first project was the one I completed last. I’ve set up the vesa mount system I bought at the end of November. I wanted to do this for two reasons. Firstly, I had some back/neck pain in November and my monitor stand wasn’t height adjustable, my back/neck paid has already disappeared before christmas though. Secondly to make my desk look neater and less cluttered.

I need to tidy up the cables a bit, particularly under the desk but the second aim is definitely achieved. I might have to tweak the monitor heights a little, will see how it gets on. I’m counting this as done ✅

The second project was more of an aim than a project really, I wanted to hit fifty books read for the year and briefly write about them. I managed that and started reading for 2023 ✅

I’ve mostly migrated my notes from Roam to Obsidian. I just need to sort out syncing, I really don’t like how google drive works for this and planned to setup syncthing with my raspberry pi acting as an always-on sync point, so that it’s all under my control. I think for now I’m going to pay for the proprietary sync solution until i’m sure i’m completely happy with the switch. 🔶

The last project was to set up a raspberry pi to primarily act as a pi-hole but also for any other little bits and bobs requiring an always-on computer. Due to my own poor preparation I didn’t have a micro-sd card big enough for raspbian so had to wait to get one delivered. I now have all of the hardware I need and have raspbian installed, I just need to boot it and set it all up. 🔴

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