I’ve been concentrating a lot on catching up on various things, lots of odds and ends to tidy up. I’ve also been concentrating on my leadership course.

At the prompt of the leadership course, I read Dan Pink’s Driven in preparation for a talk on motivation I’m doing. His theories about motivation really chime with my experience: “money only gets you so far, absence of money can de-motivate but it doesn’t really motivate. What does motivate really well is internal motivation and this best comes from a sense of purpose, being trusted with autonomy and striving for mastery.”

Had a discussion session about the company values and HR practices. Off the back of that I resurrected a paper I was working on in January about how we can strengthen our learning culture and create space for innovation and iterated on it a bit with some colleagues. As part of that, someone brought up Atlassian’s blog posts referencing Dan Pink, a happy coincidence.

Biked back home from work this week, I think it’s the first time this year I used my nice bike. The light is just holding out long enough to let me leave work at half four and get back before dusk. It’ll soon be light long enough (and dry enough) to ride the gravel way home rather than the fumey bus lane route.

Corona virus is obviously the big thing, our network and integration team are having a race against time to deploy the planned new network infrastructure to make working from home realistic for everyone.

I bought a new bike from Decathlon on Sunday for commuting to the station, which may be ill-timed. It cost a quarter of the amount of my nice bike, but is probably over half as good. I came downstairs Monday morning for Sara to point out that it’s been exactly four years since I got Old Faithful, hitherto my daily ride and partner for every epic cycling adventure. It’s been fun.

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