Monday was quite a stressful day with the uptick in coronavirus seriousness. Hugo has been learning about how to use Google classrooms at school and his excitement about that was quite infectious. We decided to postpone our scheduled release which has some really exciting features like contract issuing and online offer/contract acceptance. It’s been an exciting project that my team has worked on, so it’s been a real shame but we thought that the NHS probably had enough change at the minute and this was confirmed by some of the customers we spoke to. Instead we moved into “how we can help the NHS with this” mode.

On Tuesday I visited school before work, to find out about their plans in the event of a closure. They seemed really level headed, sensible and prepared.

Wednesday I worked from home so there was increased physical distancing within the office and it went well. I do this occasionally anyway, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary. It was announced that schools would close after this week.

Thursday I went back to the office as I had to go in and pick up my new work laptop. Using windows after so many years using linux will take a bit of getting used to, important to be able to collaborate using the same tools as people in the wider organisation though.

Friday I worked from home again, it was much more flurried this time and I didn’t get outside at lunch. I tried to wrap everything up before a (now ill-timed) week of annual leave.

Saturday rode out from home into the peak district to meet Sara and Hugo at Curbar gap for a walk around Baslow edge. We often go walking out in the peak district at weekends – we walked 50km on weekends in January. Shocked at how busy Curbar Gap was, the car park was overflowing and the road parking was a bit dangerous, there were clearly people out with people outside of their household and people getting closer than two metres. Resolved not to go out to the peaks again. It’s silly.

Sunday, didn’t go to see my mum, didn’t take Sara away like I hoped. Did get out for a solo ride along some bridleways I’d been meaning to explore for months. Some were great, some would’ve been better with a mountain bike and I had a bit of a good walk! Saw the news and Twitter tonight, annoyed at people flouting the social distancing suggestions.

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