This week was annual leave (or rather taking back some of the lieu time I’ve built up recently). It’s not the tandem riding with Sara, afternoon teas and long lazy luxury lunches I’d planned though. It’s been teaching instead. I’ve really enjoyed it. Hugo has too, he’s been able to finish his work hours ahead of schedule and has enjoyed the extra interactivity. I have got a few bike rides in though 😀.

I did keep checking in with work and really happy to hear that the whole business unit has been set-up to work remotely and are all off site.

I was called in on Friday to help deal with the covid-19 emergency legislation and other ways of helping with the covid-19 effort.

Tried to use Skype for business for the first time other than quick “phone” calls. Was trying to have a long lived group chat that lasted all weekend for those of us working on covid-19 project, it’s terrible for this, chats were clearly meant to be ephemeral rather than long lived around a topic. It’s a shock to someone used to irc, slack and riot, looking forward to the upcoming Microsoft Teams rollout.

As much as I don’t like working weekends in general, I did enjoy this one – there was a fantastic team spirit. A volunteer, cross-functional, cross-team group came together to work on a specific short term project with agreed goals and a purpose we could get behind and I think everyone felt enthused, though spirits flagged a bit towards the end.

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